Talking With the Creator of <i>Park Slope Family Circus</i>

05/24/2013 9:45 AM |

Park Slope Family Circus vaccinations

A few days ago, Erin Bradley started a blog called Park Slope Family Circus, posting one-panel Family Circus funnies, their captions replaced with something particularly Park Slope-y. People love to pick on Park Slope, and the jokes about it can be predictable, but Bradley eschews the broad cliche for specificity, which makes it work. We got in touch to find out, who is Erin Bradley?

Do you live in Park Slope?
I’ve lived in Park Slope off and on since 2002. When I wasn’t here, I lived in the East Village. I actually like Park Slope for as much I make fun of it. I’d rather dodge strollers than fixies and sidewalk vomit.


How old are you? Where are you from? What do you do?
I’m a spry 37. I’m originally from Detroit. St. Clair Shores. Not trying to be tough, though I do listen to a lot of Eminem. I work in advertising as a copywriter. It’s like Mad Men, only 1,000 times less interesting. I also wrote a fluffy little book about dating and have done stuff for sites like The Daily Beast and

How do you feel about regular Family Circus?
It’s no Marmaduke, but I do remember really digging it as a child. Then again, I also liked to eat all the salt out of the bottom of the pretzel bag. One time I ate so much pure salt I actually vomited. My self-regulation is only slightly better now.

Where’d you get the idea to combine the comic and the neighborhood?
My friends and I were having beers at The Gate and started talking about, “What would be the Park Slope version of… this and that?” I think Cathy was initially discussed, but the quintessential Park Sloper is a breeder. Or, if you’re like me, one half of a married couple with too many dogs.

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