That's It, I'm Done With Facebook

05/22/2013 11:57 AM |

Facebook is boring

I was talking to a social-media expert over the weekend, complaining to her that my Facebook feed had become totally worthless. She suggested it was partially my fault, because I haven’t been managing it well (unfollowing but not unfriending some people, setting it to receive only important updates from others, etc.), but it’s not entirely. And why should it be so much work? Here’s what’s on my feed right now: an ad (ugh) for something I’ll never buy, a photo I don’t care about, three videos I don’t want to watch, a link to something I don’t care about, an invite to an event I won’t attend, etc. My Facebook feed wasn’t always this way; I used to see funny status updates, links to interesting articles that sparked smart conversations. But it feels like everybody stopped trying. And now it’s become too popular: meet people at a party who you’ll never see again, and next thing you know what their grandmothers look like.


Compare it to Twitter: there’s no social pressure to follow people on Twitter you don’t want to follow, no shame in dropping people you don’t want to hear from anymore, and if you curate it carefully (shit you actually care about!) there are so many interesting people talking about interesting things!

And, apparently, fewer old people: “Teens told researchers there were too many adults on Facebook and too much sharing of teenage angst and inane details like what a friend ate for dinner,” the Post reports—”too many adults and too much drama.” So they’re increasingly moving to Twitter.

The Great GoogaMooga perfectly illustrated the divide: my Facebook feed was full of people talking about how it was cool to see a band they liked; my Twitter feed was full of thoughtful and funny people railing against the Prospect Park Alliance, using facts and figures and links to make their arguments against allowing the festival to take over the park. Facebook has become the virtual equivalent of your aunt’s slides from her trip to the Pencil Museum. It’s the boringest place on Earth.

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  • You want to know what I’m tired of? People who complain about other people posting the utter minutia of their lives on Facebook, and do it by writing “articles” on the utter minutia of their own lives (i.e. their decision to stop using Facebook).

    WHO CARES???

    Don’t like facebook anymore? Fine. Stop logging on. That’s it. Problem solved.

    Writing articles and/or blog entries about your decision makes you as much of an attention whore as the people who supposedly instigated your decision to stop using Facebook.

  • I just stopped using fb. I started realizing I don’t care bout ANY of the crap in the news feed, yet I was constantly sucked in and checking it almost impulsively. Now I feel so ‘meh’ about it.

  • The sad reality of these social media sites is that they tend to separate people rather than bring them closer. True your grandmother can see your graduation pictures and your sister in law can share her recipe for apple pie, but for the most part social media sites have done nothing to bring people closer. Yes they band some people towards common causes, they help in a very very minute way to bring to light social injustices and the likes, expose some things, but the truth is they effect little change. The big winner is Facebook itself, the investors and the advertisers. Spend the time you waste logging your life and your problems and talk to your kids instead, face to face. Hop in the car and drive the six hours or a day to see your loved ones. Call them and chat face to face on skype or better yet go see them, give them a hug and kiss them. If you are a stamp collector, antique dealer then great, Facebook is the best thing since sliced bread. These friends you boast off you have, are they really friends? You think posting the same motivational or de-motivational images over and over again or a poem you saw is that being social? Its a total waste of time. Go touch someones life for real, go spend time with someone, call them, touch them for real, instead of hiding behind the wall.

  • Yes FB has become boring an inane but puuleeze Twitter as an alternative, its even worse. I closed my “Twatter” account after a month of reading Twat’s inane blather about absolutely nothing.

  • Google + IT’S REALLY AWESOME! and it’s full of smart people, nerds, geeks, artists, photographers, and so much more! Aunt Mabel is NOT on G+. Your FB friends aren’t on G+ either but there is a rich community of people from around the world to talk to, share information with and join in communities with. Check it out.

  • I’ve debated Facebook with my wife quite a bit, and I find it to be particularly discouraging. In my opinion, Facebook and other social sites are about validation to many people: they post things that you consider dull and boring because they want someone to pay attention to them. Much like your article (which, sadly, you got my attention with).

    So, really – buck up. Don’t want to give your friends the attention they’re looking for? They really aren’t your friends, then. That’s what friends do – they suffer through the minutia because caring about what is going on in another’s life is being a friend.

    It looks like what you’re expecting from people is relevant social commentary and interesting things. If you had a good friend of many years who didn’t have anything interesting to say, what would you do with them? Sit across the table from them and say, “You know, you’re just not doing it for me anymore, and I don’t really care that your dog stepped on a thorn last week,” or would you smile and be a friend?

    Subscribe to some RSS feeds or, as you say, Twitter, and find relevant information from sources who aren’t your “friends,” instead of expecting your “friends” to do a monkey dance for you and keep you giggling away on your throne.

  • FB was never a decent platform to begin with. Nothing more than a glorified Myspace that marketers latched onto because of the large user base and promoted in a bid to make themselves some cash. Suddenly we have Social Media “experts”, gurus who’ll tell you how to make your business explode using FB, for a fee of course, and all sorts of insanity. Social media is nothing more than a huge joke on the masses that wastes time, serves no real purpose, and simply gives people yet another meaningless and pointless way to turn off their brain and let it fill with static for a few hours. Now if you don’t mind, I have to go check my feed.:)

  • I highly dislike reading about people downing Facebook. Calling it boring, over crowded, and no longer “cool”. The advise he got from his social media expert friend is spot on. People who are tired of Facebook are lazy with it. Take a few minutes to tweak your settings and make it worth your time. If you do not want to take some time to make it better, then stay off and stop complaining.

    There are 1.1 Billion people on Facebook, so if there are a few million people tired of it, then be tired of it. It’s not our fault you have moved on, so please stop making it seem like Facebook is bad. Just admit you lost interest and move on.

    PS. Twitter only has 5.7 Million users. And Twitter is completely different than Facebook, so it tough to sell Twitter as an alternative to Facebook.

  • I guess I see Facebook different than most people. It is an integral communication device in my life. I use it more than than phone calls and just as much if not more-so than texting or email. Where did this idea come from that Facebook is supposed to entertain you? My cell phone doesn’t do tricks. I’m not going to throw it away. I have a phone number, an email adress, and a facebook page, and I see no need to have anything else. Everyone keeps telling me they’re switching to instagram or twitter, which are to me just separate, but admittedly in some cases streamlined, ways of doing the same things I already can do. But, I do not want to fragment my social contacts, I want to simplify. I look at my Facebook news feed and besides the ads, I don’t see anything I don’t want to see. And if there is something I don’t want I remove it. Facebook doesn’t read your mind. And if everyone starts using instagram, guess what? Your parents are just going to start using that too, and then you’re on to the next newer thing. No one stopped using phones because too many people had them.

  • facebook is boring and has too many ads. Your profile is scrutinized by the government and advertisers, whether you like it or not. The settings are confusing, and the security is minimal.

    Worst of all, there is NO CHOICE but to delete your profile once you ‘Disagree’ to their terms.

    facebook makes billions of dollars off of YOU and your info, and offers little or nothing in return.

    Goodbye facebook.

  • “Welcome to the Machine . . . Where have you been? It’s alright we know where you’ve been . . . What did you dream? It’s alright we told you what to dream.” I recommend a close reading of E.M Forster’s “The Machine Stops” to all Facebook subscribers. The end of close, meaningful personal relationships is nigh.

  • I never got a facebook site because I don’t want to spend my free time in front of a screen. I tried myspace a bit late and found it slow, difficult and not worth the effort, as well as creepy and disrespectful with advertising.
    I expected facebook would be about the same and haven’t learned anything to the contrary. People who like to follow internet fads enjoy the next new thing, but I like real contact with actual people and physically doing things. Anyone who wants me to have facebook, or twitter, or whatever the next fad is, can set it up and maintain it for me because I’m not doing it.
    BTW, facebook might be trying to get a monopoly on internet discussion. There are some news and blog sites where the only way to post is with facebook. I was so disappointed when ChicagoNow became this way! I had really enjoyed that site. Luckily this trend doesn’t seem to be taking off – so far.

  • facebook? did I miss something?

  • Despite the fact that many believe that Facebook newsfeed content is predictable. For example, users in their teens and twenties share lots photos of themselves in nightclubs, users in their 30 share photos of their marriages and newborns and users in their 40s look for pictures of their friend’s aging children, Facebook has revolutionized the way that users CONNECT with one another and empowers users to SHARE with friends. No other service does this as well as Facebook. Twitter exists and has it’s own purpose. Twitter is the epitome of an interest graph. Twitter allows users to follow new interests or drop old interests effortlessly. Anyone who claims that Facebook is becoming boring is not being a proactive enough user to share photos and update their statuses with thoughts, quotes and beleifs. “Only boring people get bored” and I truly believe that. Re-evaluating friends and networking to find new and interesting friends who are proactive users sharing meaningful content will revitalize the facebook experience for users. As stated earlier, Twitter has it’s purpose but cannot replace Facebook and MySpace was a flop. What else can users ask for? I truly suggest for users to become more active with their accounts and re-evaluate friends BEFORE complaining about boredom with Facebook. Social media sites DO bring people together. Users cannot rely on facebook to physically connect people involuntarily. Users must live their lives and be proactive enough to engage friends, family and others well enough in person to be able to cherish the content shared on social media websites like facebook. Once again, only boring people get bored.