A New Luke Rathborne Video, Plus An Old One From Northside 2011

06/11/2013 10:03 AM |


Just last night, I found myself thinking about this one time during the 2011 Northside festival when longtime L Mag favorite Luke Rathborne performed a solo acoustic version of Big Star’s unimpeachable “Thirteen” in the backyard of Lucky Dog. It’s one of my favorite Northside Moments ever. We don’t have video footage of it, of course, because ugh, but we do have some great interview footage from that day, where he talks about Morrissey’s hugging policy, plus a stellar performance of “You Ain’t Ever Coming Back.”

I mention all of this right now because a) Northside starts on Thursday, and this seemed like a pretty good excuse to mention that, in hopes that you would buy a badge And, b) because Luke Ratheborne (who now apparently just goes by Rathborne?) has a new video out this morning. The song’s called “Last Forgiven,” and it’s off his forthcoming album, Soft, which comes out on July 15th. It’s got hooks for miles and blends acoustic and electric guitars in a way no one ever does anymore. Video below.