Brooklyn Has The Most Racist Pot Arrest Record in the Entire U.S.

06/07/2013 3:24 PM |


  • Photo via Brownstoner

Maybe not a huge surprise, given Brooklyn’s dubious distinction as the epicenter of stop and frisk, but still, not really news anyone should be thrilled about: according to a new study from the ACLU, not only does Brooklyn lead the nation far and away in arrests for marijuana possession, but in a consistent pattern of racial bias: when it comes to pot charges, data indicates that in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, roughly 9 black people are arrested for everyone 1 white person. Oof.


New York as a whole already has by far more weed arrests than any other state in the union (the second in line is Texas, and we still clock in about 40 percent more than they do), and 2010 saw a staggering 20,000 marijuana-related arrests in Brooklyn alone, which, as the Atlantic points out, is more than 40 whole states. Seemingly, this would coincide with the rise of Stop and Frisk, the statistics for which mirror those of marijuana arrests: 90 percent of people stopped are black or hispanic.

I guess there’s not much more to say here, other than “Can we please, please fix this? Immediately?”

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  • Isn’t this interesting? Especially given that agents of gentrification so indulgent suffer no such scrutiny? Of course, let’s line up this article and its implication about policing disparity between “hipster/s” and “locals” with one bemoaning how “hipster/s are targeted by everyone.”