Brooklyn's Best Young Filmmakers

06/18/2013 9:00 AM |

Ben Nabors William and the Windmill

Ben Nabors, Director of William and the Windmill

What neighborhood do you live in?
I live in Greenpoint and keep a studio in Williamsburg. I have that rare New York lifestyle where I get to walk to the office, without working from home. I love it. I moved here five years ago from Washington Heights because, though productive, it was hard to live in Washington Heights.  

Does living in Brooklyn affect the work you make?
This town has a big influence on the work that I do because it has an influence on those who I collaborate with. In my studio, filmmaking is about relationships, and there are incredible filmmakers in Brooklyn. Being close to these people is the difference between working together and not working together.  

Brooklyn influences a lot of our story content, too. I’m working on a short documentary about Brooklyn Grange, a group of rooftop farmers who run the world’s largest rooftop farm here in the borough. My Sundance short “Palimpsest” filmed throughout Brooklyn. I’m also developing a cartoon series called Gnomeland Security that features a lot of Brooklyn actors and comedians.  Doing this work would be very hard if I didn’t live here.

What’s the “film community” like in Brooklyn right now?
Much like other filmmakers in town, my studio does client work as well as our own original projects. Both categories support and sustain each other. Being so close to Manhattan generates a lot of commercial opportunities that support us financially and nurture us creatively, which creates a space for a healthy film community. 

What film that’s not your own are you most excited about at the festival?
Crystal Fairy.

The way it was made.

What’s your favorite movie theater in Brooklyn?
BAM Rose Cinemas. They have comfortable spaces and thoughtful programming.