No, Kanye West Was Not In Bushwick Last Weekend

06/25/2013 3:47 PM |

But aaaaaah who doesn’t love a good hoax? Well, I don’t, since I’m pretty easily tricked all the time and it’s more embarrassing than you’d think it would be, but our friends over at Mellow Pages library seem to be taking things pretty well in stride.


What happened, apparently, was an email from someone pretending to be Kanye West’s publicist telling Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson that West would be shooting a video in their space Sunday night at 8pm sharp, and to get the place “packed.” This is actually more plausible than it sounds, given that West really did film something at Brooklyn Fireproof a couple weeks back. Anyway, Matt and Jacob did what any of us would have done, which was send the following email to Mellow Pages members:

Kanye’s PR director contacted us this morning, asking if they could shoot some footage in Mellow Pages on Sunday. (WHAT THE FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!) They told us everything is very hush hush, security for Yeezus, but they want the place packed. It’s really weird. Apparently they’re going lo-fi, like hand helds and shit, and they’re going to contact us (?) around 8:30 to see if we’re ready. I think the PR person even said something about a “Kanye blitzkrieg”.

Instead of just going through our normal, public assault of social media, we want to offer this only to our members, our friends, because it doesn’t take much to pack this place and because we like you. So, if you want to be in (and keep this quiet, please)-


*We don’t know what song it’s for. Don’t ask us.

*Apparently, they picked us half for our lighting, so they’re going to start shooting at sunset. That means for you BE HERE AT 8. Everything is going to happen real fast, so don’t be tardy. The sun is supposed to set at 8:31PM.

*Don’t dress up or anything stupid, they want a slice of normal Mellow Pages Life. You are already awesome.

*That also means: BRING SOME BEER.

*We’ve been told that no signatures are to be given away, sorry. BUT, and this another weird part, they WANT you to be social media-izing. Bring your iPhones. Bring your tweeters. Bring disposable cameras. You won’t want to forget this night.


see you sunday.

stars out.

Lots of people showed, Kanye didn’t. Which, if not the end of the world, exactly, is pretty fucking weird! “This is probably just a prank played on us by someone with basic/mid-level Google search capabilities,” Matt told Brokelyn, “then we drank and drinking seems to fix most things.” Not necessarily an explanation of why anyone would ever go to so much trouble to exact an elaborate-but-innocuous ruse on a small reading room, is a pretty fair conclusion to this whole thing.

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