Northside Festival: Highlights from The Weekend

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06/15/2013 11:41 AM |


The weekend is now upon us, and we are confident that even these past two wonderful days are going to pale in comparison to what you will experience for the next two. The rain is behind us, we’re told, and their are good vibes as far as the eye can see. Let’s get started.

You could do much, much worse than to pack a blanket and grab some friends and commit to spending the whole day at McCarren. There will be food and beer and lots of attractive people and the aforementioned good vibes. And then there will be music, courtesy of The Walkmen in their only New York show of 2013, as well as the always awesome and newly fawned over Phosphorescent, as well as Friend Roulette and Abadabad. Tickets are sold out, but entry is guaranteed with a badge. Click here to buy a badge.

Another show you could hit up on the early side is going down over at Spike Hill starting at 2pm and featuring a handful of the bands—Caged Animals, The Denzels, Juniper Rising and Coastgaard—from this year’s installment of our “8 Bands You Need to Hear” issue. It’s one we always feel a strong attachment to, of course, and thus… more good vibes.

At Music Hall on Saturday night, you’ll have a chance to see the wonderful, underrated and recently reunited alt-country legends Son Volt, featuring Jay Farrar. Click here to buy individual tickets, or click here to buy a badge. You’ve also got Merchandise and Milk Music at 285 Kent (click here for individual tickets), and another chance to see Black Flag at Warsaw (click here for individual tickets). And then consider hitting up Jonathan Toubin’s Soul Clap & Dance-Off at Brooklyn Bowl. (NB: Our own Virginia K. Smith is judging the dance-off, but we’ve never seen her dance.) Click here to buy individual tickets, or click here to buy a badge.

Once again, it’s gonna be hard to argue with anyone who tells you they just want to hang out at McCarren all day, waiting around to see Solange take the stage. We are quite fond of her, you know, and we think lots of other really famous people are too, so… fingers crossed, you guys, but just be cool, ok? Tickets are sold out, but Music and Premium badge-holders are guaranteed entry. Click here to get yours.

After Solange, you could race over to Europa to see the mighty Lambchop performing a full set of their dark and deeply weird lounge-tinged country music, much of which will presumably come from their outstanding 2012 album, Mr. M. Click here to buy individual tickets, or click here to buy a badge.

There’s a hell of a bill scheduled at Glasslands tonight too, with sets by visiting Americana-loving L.A. band Papa and the similarly minded Brooklyn band Grand Rapids bookending a performance by synth-pop leaning Future of What.

Really, though, you could also dedicate your Sunday night to just wandering around and checking out some bands you’ve never heard of before, lest we forget why we’re here in the first place—to discover the bands that next year and in years down the road will be playing to much bigger audiences.