Williamsburg May Be Losing Its White Castle

06/04/2013 1:18 PM |


  • Dave Kim/The Brooklyn Rail

“Place you’ve never thought about at all?” “Place to drunkenly stack chicken rings on top of mozzarella sticks at 2am?” “Place where you can’t be guaranteed not to find a full diaper and used syringes in a blood-spattered bathroom if you visit late enough at night” (true story)? Whatever your experience of the Williamsburg White Castle, it may soon be reduced to a distant memory—the Metropolitan Ave property has been purchased for $6.72 million (roughly 7 million tiny burgers), the Observer reports.


Which doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be getting rid of the franchise, but given that the LLC behind the purchase is most likely attached to Madison Realty Capital, and the fact that the site can apparently accommodate “up to 45,788 square feet,” seems likely they’ll be tearing the place down and putting in some sort of housing development sooner rather than later.

Bad news for any of you who self-identify as citizens of the “Craver Nation” (and anyone who does a lot of their late night drinking nearby at Harefield Road), pretty expected news, we’d guess, for everyone else.

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