5 Albums Not Enough People Have Been Talking About So Far This Year

07/12/2013 11:09 AM |


  • Kidding!

As previously established, the first six months of the year have produced enough great music that rattling off 50 songs worthy of praise can come without hesitation. Big releases from big names certainly rode their waves of hype (Kanye, Daft Punk, My Bloody Valentine, Timberlake), but so many of 2013’s most exciting moments thus far have come from fresh faces. Bands like Waxahatchee, Foxygen, Savages and Chance the Rapper lept from relative obscurity to the subject of a million Internet think pieces. Alas, we’d like to make the case for a few more albums from relative newcomers that deserve your attention (none of which have been reviewed by Pitchfork, which I find crazy and weird). Six months down the line, I’d like to see these on all of your end-of-the-year lists, cool?