Anthony Weiner Is Even Ruining Twitter Now

07/24/2013 1:42 PM |


  • Clown.

It’s not a huge secret that Anthony Weiner isn’t a particularly popular mayoral candidate around these offices. Commenters (well, just one commenter) have even been saying this makes us a lot like Fox News! A story for another day, though. Today’s terrible thing comes courtesy of Twitter, where Weiner has not, that we know of, been sending anyone fresh pictures of his (ugh) weiner, but has instead inspired a pretty terrible trending topic, #ReplaceaWordinaQuoteWithWeiner. Like so:






Horrendous, and further evidence, as if any were needed, that Weiner really shouldn’t be a part of a field of Democratic candidates that’s already good, even great, without him. He may not be quite as despicable as the person who sees this as an opportune time to make jokes about a dead child—hi Kimberly!—but our public discourse would be better off without him. Much, much better. Just imagine a world where you haven’t heard the word “weiner” so many times it’s lost all meaning, and where people on Twitter can go back to making lame jokes about the royal baby, or stuff white people like. This is the world in which I’d like to be living.

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