Best of Brooklyn 2013: Film

07/31/2013 4:00 AM |

Best Movie About Being Young and Living in Brooklyn
Frances Ha

Sure, only part of the movie is actually set in Brooklyn, but damned if we didn’t leave the theater with tears in our eyes, feeling like we’d just watched the story of our own lives.

Best Local Documentary
My Brooklyn

This look at the redevelopment of Downtown Brooklyn, and the gentrification of larger swaths of the city, was sober, excellently reported, and devastating.

Best Local Oscar Nominee
Timothy Reckart

The Crown Heights animator was nominated for his short “Head Over Heels,” about a married couple that had grown apart: he lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling.

Best Filmmakers Collective

Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective

Each week, the members of this group get together and show each other works-in-progress and workshop them. It seems to be paying off: this year, they had 17 features and shorts at our Northside festival.

Best Long-Planned Movie That’s Actually Being Made

Last Days of Coney Island

Legendary animator Ralph Bakshi’s been planning this movie, like, forever, but following a recently successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s actually gonna happen. Bakshi? Does Coney Island? Holy shit this is gonna be cool.