Best of Brooklyn 2013: Politics

07/31/2013 4:00 AM |

Best Way to Get Accused of Being Like Fox News By Online Commenters
Don’t Support Anthony Weiner

Although we here on the editorial board of The L Magazine/Brooklyn Magazine don’t really like to label ourselves, politically or otherwise, we’re pretty fucking liberal. But lately we’ve had an online commenter repeatedly tell us that we’re as conservative as the folks over at Fox News. Why? Because we don’t support Anthony Weiner. This is crazy. Disliking Weiner and his propensity for lying and sending dick-pics does not make us the second coming of Glenn Beck.

Best Occupy Offspring
Occupy Sandy

This grassroots group came together in the days after Hurricane Sandy and provided much needed aid to all the communities affected by the storm. Its work has been invaluable, and its existence serves as a reminder of the importance of Occupy and all that it stands for.

Best Animal Rights Activist and All-Around Decent Political Sort
Justin Brannan

Just when it seems like there are no decent people in local politics, you learn about
Justin Brannan. Brannan (punk rocker, vegetarian, animal rights activist) is the Director of Communications for City Councilman Vincent Gentile and the founder of the Bay Ridge Democrats. Whenever you hear anyone complain about young people’s political apathy, think about Justin Brannan and how he’s effecting positive change in a dozen different ways every day. Plus! He’s fun on Twitter (@JustinBrannan).