Cold Sounding Music With Which to Defy a Heatwave

07/17/2013 12:27 PM |

Oh man, dont you just wish...

  • Oh man, don’t you just wish…

It is too hot right now, you guys. I hate to be boring by stating the totally obvious, but it is toooooooo hot. I saw ladies in my neighborhood walking around with shade-casting umbrellas like we were living in Gone With the Wind. Whenever a glance out the window conjures Southern plantations and the burning of Atlanta, it’s too hot. For those of us foolishly (or, ethically) sweating it out working from home with no A/C, this is a problem. Way beyond putting articles of clothing in the freezer for a few minutes, which is a totally valid move by the way, I’m moving on to tactics meant to fill all of my senses with the coldest of vibes. I’m about to put Fargo on my TV on mute just to luxuriate in all that frozen, only partially red-flecked white. Some ice-water for our ears might also be soothing? We’ll need songs that move past just dark, and into truly glacial. (Even Ian Curtis sounds too sweaty for comfort.)

Below you’ll find a list of songs that sound super cold. While that tends to coincide with light-to-moderate depression, today this stuff is making me kind of giddy. All songs are embedded below, but you can also stream it as a Spotify playlist. Stay cool out there, friends.


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