Could Spitzer Pull on Weiner?

07/09/2013 11:39 AM |

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Eliot Spitzer announced he was running for comptroller and the local media piled on, with both tabloids running pages upon pages of critical reporting and scathing op-eds. Even the Times was fucking livid, calling him “ethically compromised, temperamentally unsuitable and politically incompetent”:

…between Anthony Weiner, the former sexting congressman, and Client 9 (the name given to Mr. Spitzer in the federal investigation of the escort service he used)… the stage is set for a summer of farce. Mr. Spitzer, like Mr. Weiner, is a political animal who clearly finds it hard not to have an audience. That’s understandable, but did they have to bring us all along on their journeys of personal ambition? For these two charter members of the Kardashian Party, notoriety is looking like the quick, easy path to redemption.


The invective was harsher than any I’d seen previously leveled at Weiner, who’s been leading or coming close to leading recent polls (probably based on name recognition). But now that he’s been joined by a fellow narcissist redemption-seeker on the campaign trail, might we have reached a saturation point? Because I feel like, even though I think Weiner’s a jerk (because politicians embroiled in sex scandals waste our time and money through their selfishness and arrogance), I was willing to tolerate his candidacy, even his election. I mean, I would scoff, roll my eyes, but I wouldn’t type out angry blog posts about it.

But then Spitzer announced his candidacy and suddenly I’m writing about it. (Basically, “fuck both those guys.”) Spitzer might have thought Weiner had laid the groundwork for his own comeback, but that foundation may have been unstable; by jumping on the disgraced former congressmember’s shoulders, might the disgraced former governor drag them both down?

The Post seems to think so. “While either one of them might have saved himself, we might see the spectacle of two drowning men pulling one another down, each reminding the public of the other’s undesirability,” one expert told the paper. (Weiner for his part isn’t worried. “I’m not paying attention to other races,” he told the Post. Because that’s who you want to be mayor: someone who doesn’t give a fuck who he’d be working with if he wins.) That would be wonderful: let them both fuck up each other’s potential career-reboots—and serve as cautionary examples to other idiotic politicians who, in their attempts to get us to pay attention to them, will only continue to humiliate themselves publicly—and their families.

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  • Good piece. But do you have a punchline to go with: “What’s the difference between Spitzer and Weiner?”