Disappointment: America Displaced as World's Most Obese Country

07/09/2013 12:17 PM |

More of this, please.

  • More of this, please.

My fellow Americans, on the heels of the Fourth of July we learn that we’ve been dethroned by Mexico&#8212Mexico!&#8212in ranking as the world’s most obese country among those considerably populous. (Technically, a small island in the South Pacific called Nauru takes top honors with an obesity rate of 71.1 percent, higher than Mexico by a sizable margin.)

We held the title as recently as January&#8212we’d be remiss not to thank Dunkin’ Donuts and crispy things at Chili’s for serving honorably over the years&#8212but even with them by our side, a new UN study asserts that about 70 percent of Mexican adults are overweight while childhood obesity in the country has tripled over the decade, stealing the spotlight from us and our damn juice cleanses.


A measly 31.8 percent of the U.S. adult population is defined as obese, earning us the silver medal (a medal for losers), compared to Mexico’s 32.8 percent. It gets worse: One in six Mexican adults suffer from diabetes, which claims 70,000 lives a year there, or the amount “roughly equal to the deaths authorities say are caused by more than six years of the country’s gangland wars.” It’s the number-one killer in the country; heart disease and related illness round out the top three.

Your move, America.