New Brooklyn Theater Company Announces Blockbuster Season

07/29/2013 11:45 AM |

Theater for a New Audience Brooklyn

The Shakespeare-centric Theater for a New Audience is one of the finest theater companies in the city, and we’ve been super excited about its move to Brooklyn, which will finally happen this fall; the Center for Shakespeare and Classical Drama (what a great name! And it’s going to be in Brooklyn!) will open in October in Fort Greene, on the block between BAM’s Peter Jay Sharp Theater and the Harvey Theater. And we’re even more excited now that the company has announced its three-production season, each of which sounds like a must-see.


As previously announced, the new theater will be christened with a high-profile production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Julie Taymor, her first theatrical production since the Spider-Man debacle. Next, Arin Arbus, one of the city’s premiere Shakespeare interpreters and a TFANA regular, will direct King Lear with Michael Pennington—a noted stage actor and cofounder of the English Shakespeare Company who was also in Return of the Jedi!—as the lead. (It’ll be the first Lear in Brooklyn, that I can think of, since Derek Jacobi’s best-of-a-generation turn at BAM in 2011.) As if that weren’t enough, the final production of the season will be Ionesco’s The Killer, his second play and the first with the character Bérenger, who turns up in most of the playwright’s major plays. Michael Shannon will star. Michael Shannon!