Sponsored Video: @Summer Break Follows Real Kids, in Real Time

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07/09/2013 11:50 AM |


Meet Clara, Lena, Ray, Alex, Zaq and Kostas. They’re a group of Southern California teenagers who have spent their entire lives together. But with college just on the horizon, this summer is the last one they’ll get to spend with each other. Can they make the most of it? With @Summer Break, you’ll get to find out in real time.

With episodes posted daily, @Summer Break paints an intimate portrait of the lives of these six teenagers as they fight, break up, make up and more, all while trying their hardest to make their last summer together the best they’ve ever had. Lena is struggling with her dad’s illness while trying to maintain her relationship with her best friend Clara. Ray is navigating the ins and outs of his first long distance relationship. And Zaq and Kostas try not to let romance get in the way of their close friendship. @Summer Break gives viewers a rare look into the lives of a tight knit group of real American teens on the cusp of adulthood. Follow them every day through the fall to see where things end for these six friends. You’ll find a preview of @Summer Break after the jump.

Want to keep up with the @Summer Break cast? Click here to follow them on Twitter. And be sure to catch new episdoes every day on the @Summer Break Tumblr; you’ll find weekly roundups there every Sunday, too.


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