The Best Summer Songs by Brooklyn Bands

07/17/2013 12:46 PM |


You have the option to listen to The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer in the City” on a 24-hour loop for the next six and an half weeks, or you could listen to a few of the best variations on the theme from the gold mine that is the 2013 Brooklyn music scene. We’ll opt for the latter.

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  • No one should ever listen to vampire weekend. summer especially.

  • “Coma Summer” is an excellent hot weather hazy song but Weekend is from SF, CA. Which is very easy to find out using this pretty cool thing called Google. For shame lazy blogger.

  • Yeah and, um, Real Estate is from New Jersey. It’s so easy to fact check, why don’t you try it?

  • Hey Anon and Johnny,

    Weekend have since moved to Brooklyn (…) and Real Estate’s official website states, “Real Estate the band is based in New Jersey and Brooklyn, New York.” (A few if not all the members now live here.) I did indeed check.

  • Lauren: 2, You Guys: 0.

  • hey mike, here’s something to ponder – would you consider Fleetwood Mac a band from California even though they began in England a decade before? if so then that’s all I need to know about you, bub. How about Jimi Hendrix, he lived in England but is from Seattle. And Nirvana – where are they from? Not Seattle that’s for sure. Weekend is from SF. Your friend Lauren is wrong. And it’s okay to be wrong. At least those bands were the best on her list. She must be your friend, I get it.