The Levee May Be Opening Back Up This Weekend

07/12/2013 2:53 PM |


See? What’d we tell you? The Levee wasn’t closed forever! And it actually may be back open as soon as tonight, according to Bedford and Bowery.


The cornerstone Williamsburg bar shut down a little while back while the owners remodeled a bit and waited for their new liquor license to show up, and co-owner Susan Sardacki even told the site, “Don’t worry, we aren’t changing much. Just some things that needed to be fixed, painted…we want to keep the essence of the shithole, you know?”

Sardacki and her husband plan to re-open pretty much as soon as they receive the new license—which they expect to get as soon as tonight—and will be throwing a bigger “grand re-opening” party on the 21st, which will likely include free beer, and just about everything you’d expect from a party thrown by the Levee. Swing by tomorrow and pay your respects with a Sportsman and a few (dozen) fistfuls of cheese balls. It’s only right.

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