An Updated List of the Best NYC Album Artwork

08/23/2013 1:03 PM |

I always wished this were the cover to their debut album.

  • I always wished this were the cover of their debut album.

“The album is dead, long live the album” seems to be culture pundits’ general stance on the music industry in 2013. Despite this, album artwork has somehow managed to soldier on as a talking point and signifier of larger themes and topics. I mean, people sure do have opinions about the new Drake cover that was revealed earlier this week. Over time, the really good ones (so probably not Drake’s) become synonymous with a specific time and place&#8212Abbey Road, Hotel California, The Joshua Tree, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, to rattle off a few. New York City certainly has been represented in its fair share of iconic cover art, but it’s been a while since the go-to album list was updated to include some new names. So then…

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