Great News: "Rich Kids on Instagram" Tumblr Is Set to Become a TV Show

08/06/2013 2:28 PM |

Rich kids do the darndest things.

  • Rich kids do the darndest things.

Is there anything more enthralling than watching rich people do the things that rich people do? No, there’s nothing more enthralling, at least not in the minds of reality TV series developers. On a related note, E! is in the throes of turning Tumblr blog of the moment Rich Kids of Instagram into an unscripted series called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, not to be confused with another E! series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, about a hardworking family pulling themselves up by their bootstraps after the economic crash of 2008.

This show is different, The Atlantic reports, in that it revolves around “a group of 20-something friends” plucked right off the yachts and horses they so demurely show off on their Instagram feeds. Though the folks behind the official Rich Kids of Instagram blog have stated that they’re not associated with the show, it was used as a recruiting ground for the series, hence the twist on the title.

May this all be a lesson that we should feel empathy for the wealthy children of Park Slope! They’re always losing out to those kids from the 90210.

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