List of "Record Stores You Have to Shop At Before You Die" More or Less Skips Over New York

08/20/2013 3:18 PM |

Damn L.A.

  • Damn L.A.

One of BuzzFeed’s latest gifts, “27 Breathtaking Record Stores You Have to Shop at Before You Die,” is certainly worth a perusal for any self-professed music nerd, if only to see that community art spaces/record stores actually do exist in Russia. If you’re inclined to pessimism, however, it could also read as the final nail in the coffin of the Lower East Side’s long-ago prominence with anything related to music. Not one Manhattan-based record store is included among the batch.

What’s more surprising is that endlessly cool Brooklyn didn’t fair much better. Greenpoint’s The Thing, essentially a garage sale spun out of control, beat out the area’s more traditional record peddlers&#8212presumably for its sheer number of cheap LPs because Co-Op 87 is otherwise pretty great&#8212but that’s the sole representative for the entire city. So we’re forced to grapple with some serious questions: Is it possible that New York is shorthanded when it comes to truly noteworthy record shops, despite a stock of perfectly respectable ones? That maybe we’ve been fooling ourselves since Kim’s closed all those years ago? And when is this tauntingly amazing Rough Trade branch opening in Williamsburg to make it all better?

[One other small gripe, because I have to stick up for Columbus, Ohio per my birth certificate: Used Kids could’ve easily slipped into the list as the Midwest’s go-to selection. That is all.]

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  • Simply, there are just no noteworthy music shops in New York any more. It’s a stupid fact, but a fact. That’s what we get when we let everything local get bulldozed for generic stores that could be anywhere. (Also, would have loved to see Baltimore’s Sound Garden make the list.)

  • The Thing in brooklyn..every piece $2 ea. I remember New York Spotlight and sound in Columbus. If you are in eastern Ohio why not make a day trip to “Jerry’s Records in Pittsburgh? It is a huge organized vinyl paradise right in your own backyard. Most record store success comes from the buyers luck. I just depends on what you’re looking for i guess

  • Whatever happened to downtown records, upstairs record, downstairs records and Irie Ike’s in NYC?