So You Wanna Be Spider-Man? That's Not Entirely Impossible.

08/02/2013 11:35 AM |

Reeve Carney & Rebecca Faulkenberry :: Old Spidey & MJ

  • Reeve Carney & Rebecca Faulkenberry :: Old Spidey & MJ

For those of you who grew up either wanting to be (1) a superhero and/or (2) the lead in a hugely expensive Broadway blockbuster that theater critics mistakenly predetermined to be doomed, then you’ll be pleased to learn that the producers of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark are on the hunt for a new Spidey and Mary Jane and holding open casting calls. You’ll need things, though, like talent. Milky skin that glows under bright lights and a pinkish hue, or just straight-up looking like Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone probably wouldn’t hurt. In regards to Spidey and his alter ego Peter Parker specifically:

“Hopefuls should be males in their late teens to early 20s of any ethnicity. They must have a great rock singing voice. They can be nerdy with an understated sex appeal and a good sense of humor,” producers said in a statement earlier this week. Those giving it a go will be asked to sing a rock song a capella “that shows off their range.”


May we suggest Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock and Roll for Me?” What human being, in their heart of hearts, is not always in the mood to always hear some Billy Joel? May we also suggest that Nate Ruess of Fun. dye his hair as to appear younger and seriously consider trying out? That guy’s voice can reach the rafters, in that slick, uber-sincere way catered towards the theater. If he lands the role, he’d probably get a meet and greet with The Edge and an autograph from Bono out of it, which he could put on his mantel next to his Grammys.

The casting calls will be at Stage 48 & Sky-Lounge in NYC on August 19 and at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in L.A. on August 12.

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