The 20 Best Fashion Moments in MTV VMA History

08/21/2013 10:00 AM |

gods and monsters

  • gods and monsters

There are many reasons to be excited about this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. Ha. Just kidding. There really isn’t anything to be excited about at all. I mean, you don’t really care that much about ‘NSYNC reuniting, do you? You’re over the age of 10 and have ears, right? I thought so. And who could possibly really care about the not-witty-at-all banter that’s going to be happening between all the presenters. I mean, for every great Courtney Love-throwing-shoes-at-Madonna-and-Kurt Loder or Fiona Apple-quoting-Maya Angelou-and-calling-everything-bullshit moment, there’s hundreds of boring, pointless moments that remind you why you haven’t watched MTV in years and years anyway. But so! There’s one thing that’s pretty reliably fun about the VMAs. Or at least, it always has been in the past. And that’s the fashion. The fashion has always been pretty great. By the way, when I say fashion, I do not mean Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress. That is not fashion. That is meat. Here’s 20 of our favorite fashion moments in VMAs history. We can certainly hope that, with the VMAs finally coming to Brooklyn, the fashion will reach the heights it has in years past. But, uh, yeah. We doubt it. So let’s let nostalgia take us away, far, far away.