The Definitive Ryan Gosling Shopping Guide

08/29/2013 12:00 PM |

This is what Ryan Gosling looks like, btw.

  • This is what Ryan Gosling looks like, btw.

The U.S. population can be divided into two types of people: casual Ryan Gosling fans and crazed Ryan Gosling fans. The casual Ryan Gosling fan may peruse the 309 Gosling-related items currently on sale at online market Etsy and find themselves buying a notebook screenprinted with his face on it, an “I Love Ryan Gosling” tote bag, or perhaps a set of Gosling nail decals. You know, some basics. But for those in the crazed Ryan Gosling pack, the ways to decorate your apartment, your clothes, your belongings and yourself in Etsy-sanctioned Gosling memorabilia are wide and varied. So, then, a guide to some of the best (and maybe worst) products on the market: