VMA Fashion Highlights Captioned in 25 Words or Less

08/26/2013 11:29 AM |

Officially meaningless.

  • Officially meaningless.

Well, to be honest, last night went pretty much as expected: two and an half hours of missed opportunities to honor Brooklyn’s music legacy outside of shouting the word “Brooklyn” a lot and Miley Cyrus continuing her evolution into a parent’s nightmare. Save for a relatively sobering Kanye performance and the guest vocal powerhouses on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ live rendition of “Same Love,” you could chalk up this year’s Video Music Awards as more or less being a wash. There were, though, at least an handful of fashion statements to help propel the show to the forefront of this morning’s water-cooler conversations. For those looks, we’ve got a handy guide below, each one summarized in 25 words or less because that’s the most amount of time you should spend thinking about the VMAs, maybe ever again.