Watch John Turturro and Woody Allen Play Creepy Dudes in "Fading Gigolo"

08/19/2013 11:16 AM |


There was some buzz abound in Brooklyn last year when signs reading “Untitled John Turturro Project” were posted on President St. in the Orthodox areas of Crown Heights. Last year, DNAInfo reported that both John Turturro and Woody Allen settled on a President St. location after scouting various locations for a “particularly Jewish-looking home,” and were careful to shield the community from the project. It seems that locals cared less about what the film was about rather than who was involved. A local rabbi, after hearing that there were “two Jews filming in the neighborhood,” approached the house to ask that Turturro and Allen to wear tefillin, a ritual garment that men wear during morning prayers.

Turturro and Allen also trod lightly because Turturro’s character in Fading Gigolo reluctantly becomes a male prostitute at the behest of Allen’s character, a failed bookseller-turned-pimp. A more recent DNAInfo post would have you believe that the film’s plot is underpinned by one of his clients, a Hasidic widow, failing to mention that Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergera are involved. But after you watch the trailer, you’ll see that Turturro’s and Allen’s characters are more of a model for lonely, socially inept men rather than desperate, creepy dudes. All to say, I’m very excited for this new feature from Turturro, mainly because he’s an expert in being creepy.