Which Movie Should You Have Seen On Labor Day Weekend?

08/30/2013 1:04 PM |

Getaway movie Ethan Hawke Selena Gomez

Closed Circuit and Getaway: For Labor Day weekend we get two thrillers in seemingly oppositional styles: Getaway puts Ethan Hawke in a never-ending car chase to save his wife, while Closed Circuit is the latest in Focus Features’ series of vaguely European adult thrillers to end the summer and gross $30 million or so (past versions include The Debt; The American, and The Constant Gardener), though Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall may not provide the requisite prestige needed to join its predecessors in the minor-hit club. Director John Crowley made the enjoyable and barely seen Irish comedy-drama Intermission, though Closed Circuit looks far more sober, maybe to its detriment. Getaway, meanwhile, looks like it could be good-ridiculous; not quite Statham levels of Labor Day delight, but the kind of propulsive junk you’d wish you could watch at a drive-in. At very least, it promises a second film featuring a gun-toting Selena Gomez in a single calendar year; what an age we live in!