Captured Tracks Label Heads Take You Record Shopping

09/30/2013 12:32 PM |


Following in the steps of Rough Trade, Fool’s Gold and Saddle Creek, homegrown record label Captured Tracks has officially spawned a brick-and-mortar record shop, damning the belief that they’re a dying breed of commerce. Because this isn’t a typical record store, for one. Under label founder Mike Sniper, they’ve portioned off their new office space at 195 Calyer Street in Greenpoint into the type of of place Rob Gordon-types daydream about but also less intense (less nerdy) music fans should feel comfortable hanging out in. The plan is to complement a constantly rotating stock of new and used records and tapes with anything that might pique Sniper’s, and likely your, as a culture-obsessed Brooklynite, interest: art books, posters, vintage pedals, amps, synthesizers. Mid-century furniture? Sure, why not. A small collection might pop up if that what Sniper is drawn to on his cross-continental buying trips. With an arcade game or two to keep the room from getting too stuffy and some listening booths near a bay window, the space promises to become how you always dreamt your bedroom would look like as an adult crossed with a proper record shop that doubles as a trading post where people swap their old records for other merch (because it’s that too).

At its core, though, is the music. Culling from Captured Tracks roster and far beyond, the store prides itself on consistently refreshing its stock: “The death of any record store is having the same record at the same price in the same bin for three years; people just stop coming back,” Sniper told Billboard. So that explains the pileup of merchandise handpicked from all corners of the world that’s currently in stock. Needless to say, there’s a lot to navigate. Below, Sniper and Captured Tracks General Manager Katie Garcia guide you through the bins, recommending deep cuts from records you can buy at the shop. You should do that, speaking of. Buy lots of records. Let this whet your appetite: