Is It Ever Cool To Smoke E-Cigarettes In Restaurants?

09/12/2013 9:51 AM |


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Well, we could look at this a couple different ways. “Cool” as in “something that’s considered socially acceptable and does not explicitly violate any rules,” in which case, this’ll need to be a case by case basis: per this Businessweek article probing New York chefs for their thoughts on in-house e-smokes, a few places (namely Momofuku) have already banned them outright.


Mostly, though, the chefs in question seemed to find e-smoking in restaurants inoffensive, if a little tacky (“They look like a prop I would’ve had in my raver days,” Do or Dine‘s owner told the site). Which brings us to the second question here: even if it’s allowed, is it “cool” in the sense that smoking an NJOY in between bites of ribs is not just a neutral act, but something that’ll actively make people want to be exactly like you? Or sleep with you? Or at least, not shame you into leaving said restaurant and never coming back? Ehhh. Jury’s sort of out.

I mean, it’ll definitely get people to stare at you—if there’s any one prevailing feeling people seem to have about e-cigarettes, it’s that the glowing blue or red ends look weird and unnatural, especially in a setting like a restaurant where no one has been used to seeing any kind of smoking for the past ten years—but other than that, reactions are generally mixed (or indifferent). A lot of hardened smoke-smokers don’t like it, and it does look sort of insane. Even when they first launched, I kind of assumed no one other than the most desperate-to-quit nicotine addicts would deign to be seen with them. But then, people like having something to do with their hands, they really like smoking, and they especially like smoking without feeling like they’re doing anything that wrong (or having to go outside). They’re everywhere, and at this point it’s more notable to be at a party where there aren’t a few people comparing notes on their respective e-cigarette brand and flavor choices than the other way around. It doesn’t hurt that companies are giving these away for free everywhere you go, but you could say the same for Snus, and nobody’s gotten onto that bandwagon. I don’t know, I guess while we still live in a weird limbo where the city hasn’t set down any official ordinances about them (a time that likely won’t last too long), may as well do whatever you want with these. Every movement needs its pioneers, after all.

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  • Iv’e been vaping for over a year and half and have learned a lot about different devices and e-juices. What is cool to one person may not be cool to another and to me frankly it makes no difference, I don’t vape to impress people i vape because i like it i feel better for it health wise and to be honest i don’t feel it to be anti social like smoking in the way of smell plus there is a whole new and great vaping community out there, people i thought id never meet. I never liked smoking in food venues and i don’t personally think vaping in food venues to be sociable and a good idea. Being an ex smoker and now a vapor i personally would not like someone next to me vaping away while im enjoying my meal. A lot of places don’t mind people vaping but now 1.5yrs later i still find myself turning my e-cig off and going outside when i want to use it. I rarely ever drink and don’t like seeing and also being approached by people drunk while walking down the road but this however is acceptable and is also allowed to go on without a fuss. Figures hey. So for me this is not acceptable but also for many including them it involves is ok. I am finding the ones that have a problem with vaping are the ones that have no knowledge of what it is, What its about. Rather than try to ban an item that is doing good wel all need to educate people and being someone who has had asthma all his life and only started smoking under stress from work and before that was always anti smoking i feel for myself it has done a world of good for me. I would be out of breath walking up my hill and having to use my pump on a daily bases. About a year after i gave up smoking and while vaping i done around a 9.5 mile ride on my bike and yes i got out of breath and had to take a minute here and there but what shocked me more was i didn’t once use my pump and rather than taking 15min to get my breath back it took around 5min with out any chest pains or any other effect. This is something that shocked me and surprised me and am glad that i made the move to vaping. There is to many rules and regulations that are being made for silly little things and like many are fed up of them, I for one am not willing for some over paid fool that thinks they know it all to tell me how i meant to live my life. (As an example, My son took a bottle of flavored water to school one day and the teacher told him that he can’t have it because of this silly healthy eating law that came in) I marched down there and asked them the reasons they couldn’t answer it and blamed the matter on the head of the school and the fact that they supply water butts that the children can use this was due to hygine, There i stopped them and put them straight that my son will be bringing his own drink and that he will be doing so everyday On the hygiene point i pointed out that while i was stood in the hall waiting i saw numerous children using the water butts for a drink all sharing the same cups as there was only two plastic cups there, Now please explain the hygiene factor to me again, At this point there was a silent pause and no explanation. So here it shows that these rules and regulations are only made to control people but as we see are not followed by them who make them.
    So If we had a choice of Smoking, Vaping or none of them im sure we would all choose the last option but as we know many don’t wan’t to stop so that gives the first two options, If people smokers and non smokers are educated and not given media spins to make it look like a bad thing to vape i’m sure a lot more smokers will choose to vape and non smokers will understand that vaping is a good thing for there loved ones and others to take up rather than smoking and the choice of giving up completely is still an option but the fact of pumping all them bad chemicals in to your body is a no factor. The risk is reduced and good health is a fact and a positive factor to vaping.