Meet Dominique Ansel's New Food: The Magical Portable Soufflé

09/06/2013 1:05 PM |

c/o Jen Carlson & Gothamist

  • c/o Jen Carlson & Gothamist

In NYC novelty food item news, I’m happy to report the arrival of cronut creator Dominque Ansel’s new pastry: a “magical” portable soufflé.


As you can probably infer from the photo above, one bite of this new pastry will probably send you to planes of euphoria the human gastrointestinal tract has never reached before. Gothamist “broke the news” and was treated to a tasting before the soufflé’s debut this Saturday at Smorgasburg. The “triple-textured edible cube” contains a molten chocolate center housed in a toasted brioche shell tinged with orange blossom. I’ve never had one of Ansel’s delights, but apparently he provides a short instruction manual with some of his pastries. So, you know, in case you were unsure how to eat food, Ansel orders that you “bite directly” into the magical puffed up pastry. And, in case you were wondering whether or not Ansel is a closeted chemistry PhD, there’s “‘no spherification or adding strange hydrocolloids'” in this pastry. (In case you’re wondering, hydrocolloids can look like this).

Gothamist promises some more photos of that transcendent chocolate puff later today, and if you line up extra early for a cronut tomorrow, Ansel himself just might surprise you with a soufflé of your own. Just don’t let anyone with long fingernails or safety pins get too close to you, or try to bribe it away from you. You’re going to want to hold onto this treat.

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