On Leaving Brooklyn, Writing a Solo Album, and Feeling Old: An Interview With Kevin Morby

09/06/2013 1:14 PM |


Feeling old at the age 25 is one of those strange New York phenomenons, though, in the case of Kevin Morby, dropping out of high school, taking an one-way train from Kansas City to New York, and kicking around in bands as accomplished as Woods and The Babies, it’s at least somewhat understandable. In the end, it’s a feeling that compelled Morby to recently make the move to Los Angeles and manifests in a forthcoming solo debut. Harlem River, out November 26 via home-base label Woodsist, hones his practice of crafting small songs to say big things, this time in the mode of 60s golden age singer-songwriters. Following tradition, then, songs are softened around the edges so the bittersweet melodies can run deep, parting ways for the emotions that come with travel, world-weariness, growing up, being lost, and then found. We spoke to him about going solo, kids these days, and avoiding the dollar sign-shaped hot tubs of L.A.

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