So What If There's a Duck on the Subway?

09/24/2013 11:22 AM |

If you care about it, there’s an obvious reason you don’t report on a duck being on the subway: Joe Lhota might find out and kill it, and then tell you there are thousands of ducks in the subway system he has personally killed. But there’s another reason that when a white-feathered friend waddles through the turnstiles toward the N platform at 23rd Street, you just ignore it: because it’s a dumb publicity stunt by a dumb corporation. A company associated with ducks, which I will decline to name in a meager attempt to deny it more free publicity, yesterday apparently released a duck into a Gramercy subway station so people could gawk and snap photographs and have a gay old time. The experience was surely different for the duck.


“A subway station is no place for a duck,” PETA told Gothamist, “who can’t possibly understand the reason for all the noise and commotion of an everyday commute, let alone a gathering crowd with flashing cameras.” The MTA also told Gothamist that the company was basically being an asshole; the article basically suggests it was a dick move.

But all the company was trying to do was get publicity, and you know how no publicity is bad publicity? Anyway, nobody gives a shit about the well-being of a duck. (As one Gothamist commenter put it, “SInce other ducks are getting force fed with tubes so their livers are gigantic and can be served to upper crusty shitheads I’d say this guy doesnt have it too bad.”) Gothamist didn’t dress down a big corporation; they just gave it the free advertising it was after.

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