Someone On Craigslist Wrote Some Truly Disturbing Lena Dunham Fan Fiction

09/20/2013 12:34 PM |


Hey, just in time for the weekend, did you need a reminder that people are disgusting, and more dark and disturbing deep down inside than you could ever possibly know? Done! Via Craigslist (hat tip to Becca Grimm for alerting us to the post), an open letter entitled “Lena Dunham’s Dick—m4w—26” (location: the L train) that may take the top honors as the very worst thing ever written about her. A category in which there’s stiff competition.


A lot of it is too explicit (and also, lame) to re-print here, but the gist of it is that the poster claims to be Lena’s college ex-boyfriend (the one portrayed by Andrew Rannells on the show), talks a lot about their sex life, and, as a fellow writer, is so emasculated by her success (and the fact that he’s portrayed as gay on the show) that the only thing that saves him from impotence is picturing Lena with a giant penis. So. There’s some stuff to unpack there.

Besides being a pretty unsettling sexual overture, though, this mostly reads like one very long writing sample, sent to the world at large (and it does end with the line, “And if you’re interested, I’d love to send you my play.”) But it’s also full of signifiers people use in place of actually evocative writing (“We were at PS1 for a Ryan McGinley exhibit—naked kids on shrooms climbing trees or something […] Finally you couldn’t take it anymore and stomped off in your Chuck Taylors.”), so, here we are. With further proof that Craigslist is one of humanity’s very worst cesspools, and the people have some complicated, fucked up feelings about Lena Dunham. The usual, I guess.

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