What is Orgasmic Meditation?

09/24/2013 11:39 AM |

Sexy Yoga Posers. c/o culturemap.com

  • Sexy Yoga Posers. c/o culturemap.com

More things to to keep your eye on in our infant century: Orgasmic Meditation classes. NY Mag has a very, um, titillating story about one of their writers attending one of these eight-hour, $195 classes in the city. The company OneTaste touts Orgasmic Meditation as “yoga” for your orgasm—well, the female heterosexual orgasm, mainly, according to NY Mag.


As I’m writing this post, I’m trying to find something concrete I can tell you about OneTaste; something like a “mission statement” or something, but I’m not finding anything. Instead, I’m finding language that wants to convince you that higher knowledge of humanity is found in OM. Like this: “[OM is] the community that inspires, connects and is that special ingredient needed to light up the power grid of the world.” But before you’re allowed entry into the higher echelons of OM, you’ve got to have an OM Badge, which means you have to pay $195 to take the all-day class (or $29 for an online media package), then take a quiz. Once you pass the open-book quiz, you get an annual membership ($67) which then avails you to “access to all things OM.”

It’s only after all of this introductory training that you can have your first OM, which is ostensibly different than that last mind-blowing orgasm you had, man or woman. Gals and guys, if you’re having less-than-amazing orgasms, that’s OK. This class might even help you. But all the branding and trademarking going on here makes me think you’re really just buying new ways to describe to your partner how to have better sex, which you can already do for free. And if you really buy into it, it seems like OneTaste will make you only want to practice with other TurnedON men and/or women, since they know what it’s really like to orgasm.

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  • You can learn the OM practice for free through this video. It gives you the basics to at least see if there’s something in it for you. It does show a man/woman couple practicing and talking about their experience, but I know a lot of lesbians who do the pracyice as well. All you need is a clit and a finger, doesn’t matter what gender they belong too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYohBt5AVmA