Sponsored: Deck the Halls with Fisher-Price Toys

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11/29/2013 12:30 PM |


When it comes to the holidays, toddlers are tough to shop for. I’m sure they’ll be all too happy to gush to you about how badly they want a pony for Christmas, but you can’t exactly fit a pony in a Brooklyn apartment. Nor can you always manage to squeeze in an artisan rocking horse handcrafted from locally-sourced Gowanus driftwood. Let’s be honest, when we buy a present for a toddler, we’re shopping for their parents too. After all, parents are the ones who will worry about whether their kids are playing with something that’s safe and educational – and the ones who will have to trip over all those presents scattered on the living room floor the morning after Christmas.


Enter a classic: the family tradition that is Fisher-Price. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in a fly-over state, on the other side of the ocean, or right across the East River – almost everyone remembers waking up to a Fisher-Price toy under the tree as a little one. Is there anything better than watching a baby’s face light up when you hand them a gift and knowing it’s from a trusted brand that their parents will love too? Moms and dads will be thrilled at the chance to take a nostalgia trip to their own childhoods, and while babies may have no idea that Fisher-Price is instilling a lifelong love of play and learning, they do know that their new story-telling stuffed puppy keeps them smiling all through the holidays.

Check out the video to see just how much your toddler will love Fisher-Price:

This post is sponsored by Fisher-Price.