Sponsored: Meet Owlbert in Fresh Step’s (3D!) Catdance Festival

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11/27/2013 2:55 PM |


“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them,” so says the old Shakespearean adage. Well Owlbert, star of the below film was definitely born great. No ordinary cat can make yarn a ball-of-yarn-outfit look that good, can lick their perfectly manicured paw to cleanly perfection. And with that perfect that cryptic owl-like stare, Owlbert is made to be on the silver screen. Plus, no ordinary cat can pull of that glorious mustache. Heck, Owlbert carries off his mustache better than most of the hipsters strolling around Brooklyn, most of whom could do with a good shave. Watch Owlbert strut his stuff in the video after the jump and you’ll see exactly what makes him the cat’s meow.


Want to see more frisky feline features? Then make sure to check out Fresh Step’s Catdance Film Festival, which will premiere one original cat film every week hand-picked by the Feline Arts Council (which is totally an official, legit, organization). No “I can has cheezburger” or every-day LOLcats need apply, Catdance is only for the true auteurs of the litter box. All the films lead up to the Catdance Film Festival opening in January 2014 in Park City Utah. Did we mention that the festival is in 3D? Just imagine that adorable fur-balls pawing at you like a piece of yarn.

Check out Owlbert’s video below and be sure to tune in for weekly video premieres on the

Catdance Festival website!

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