Sponsored Video: Play God, Pay The Price. Watch Helix on Syfy

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11/21/2013 11:26 AM |


There’s nothing Brooklynites complain about more than gentrification. On any given day you’ll find a bevy of blog posts, facebook statuses and tweets about it. Not too mention so, so many comments on blog posts. We just can’t deal with neighborhoods like Williamsburg being dominated by brunch spots and brownstones being renovated left and right. Not that we won’t longingly stare at those brunch spots every weekend, but it’s the principle of the thing! Well, that and overpriced mimosas. Now just imagine if Williamsburg was the entire world, and if it wasn’t a renovated brownstone being invaded but your body? Now that would require much more than a self-pitying look at the real estate prices in Philadelphia.

Syfy’s newest original series, Helix, is the ultimate example of gentrification. The show comes from Ron Moore, executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, so you know the story’s bound to be thrilling. The show’s new trailer tells the story of a top-secret arctic laboratory is infiltrated by an unknown and devastating contagion, which transforms the lab’s workers into something much worse than a gentrifier, something not even human. Also – the video features plenty of HAZMAT suits, and who wouldn’t like to march down Bedford Avenue breaking up the Sunday brunch crowd in one of those? So take out your gentrification frustration through your television and tune in on Friday, January 10 at 10 p.m. for the premiere of Helix on Syfy.

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