Interview: Factory Floor Made Brooklyn Move

12/16/2013 10:09 AM |


Factory Floor, the debut full-length record by Factory Floor, is one of the year’s best. It’s filled with impossibly tight grooves that seem haunted by the ghosts of human imperfection. Its three makers, singer/guitarist Nik Colk Void, drummer Gabriel Gurnsey, and synth wrangler Dominic Butler, have been throwing British audiences into a frothing, occasionally nude, frenzy for the last few years with their improvisational beat orgy of a live show. The album, out on New York’s own DFA Records, is educated by the human ebb and flow of those concerts, but presents a more perfected vision. Those precise recordings now feed back into the band’s sets as boundaries to stretch, or break entirely. Before this weekend, they hadn’t demonstrated the approach to NYC audiences as a full band since 2011. Friday night, in the second of two sold-out, tightly packed 285 Kent shows, the band was definitely wilder, less geometrically exact. Their sound ambled from undeniable, room-moving peaks to more prolonged psychedelic freak outs (with a few sound system glitches thrown in). Despite the sub-arctic chill outside, things got fairly sweaty.

Before that, though, we caught up with the band for a few idle minutes. We talked about the focusing effects of body-shaking volume, the band’s differing methods for a record versus a live set, the light OCD that helps you drum like a machine, and the defining human element at the heart of this coolly mechanical music.