Sponsored: Mercedes Benz E Class Helps Us All Remember the Summer Surf

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12/20/2013 3:57 PM |


Ahh, summer. Remember those weekend trips to Coney Island, only you, a few awesome friends and your towels? And beer. Of course beer. Just sitting in the sun, sipping on your craft ale, enjoying life. Oh, how those days seem behind us now, as we start getting bullied by the world’s biggest douchebag: winter. Good ol’ winter, its frozen rain, its scarves and hoodies, its cough syrup.

Seriously though, summer probably wasn’t all that great. Sure, you look fondly on those few hours you spent at the beach, but behind every relaxing moment on the lukewarm sand are hours spent in an over-heated, over-crowded, stink-saturated subway car.

We have all once wished, in the back of our heads, after standing sweat-drenched for hours at a time on a hellish subway platform, only to see an ultra-packed and smelly train come our way, that we’d stayed home, comfortably listening to the radio, curled up next to our apartment’s central AC unit.

Don’t deny it, we know it’s true. In fact, you’re probably thinking the same thing now, longing for your perfectly heated apartment as you stand crushed between five other passengers, still wearing your scarf and woolen hat, desperately trying to grab onto a pole before the train starts again.

But there is a way to get where you need to be, a way that would rescue you from the wait, the rush, the inconvenience. What if you could just pack a quick suitcase, and just go on holidays? Just like that? PIle your friends into the new Mercedes Benz E-Class and the journey from your house to the beach will be almost as refreshing as the sun and the surf. Watch the video after the jump to see how.


This post is sponsored by Mercedes Benz.