A Moment of Appreciation for Bad Grandpa’s Oscar Nomination

01/16/2014 10:39 AM |


It’s Oscar nomination morning, which means a lot of things: you’ll have something easy to talk to your coworkers about, there are perceived (and real) snubs to consider, and we can all start planning our themed viewing menus accordingly (I mean obviously “Dallas Fry-ers Club Sandwich,” but we’re just warming up here). It also means that we can finally count on an Oscars ceremony that’ll involve the cast of Jackass.


Not only was Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa nominated for a “makeup and hairstyling” Oscar (rightfully so, Johnny Knoxville’s old man getup was impressive), but, as Vulture points out, it actually bypassed assumed shoo-in American Hustle to get there. A small, delightful reversal of fortunes for a movie that’s been, to my mind, one of the season’s most overrated award juggernauts—Jennifer Lawrence is good, but does a would-be snappy crime caper really need to clock in at a bloated two and a half hours?—and also a deserved nod for some legitimately innovative work in the category. No word if that ceremony’s montage’ll include footage of Johnny Knoxville’s enormous, sagging, prosthetic penis, but one can always hope.

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