Stuff We Love: Collages By Maria Piessis

01/24/2014 2:20 PM |


  • Images via Maria Piessis

It’s not really often enough that we (or me, at least) use this small public platform plainly and simply as a means to promote things we’ve come across and really, really liked. Loved, even! That’s what Tumblr and Gchat are for! Well, today feels like the time to break that streak, and spend a few minutes talking about these collages by local designer Maria Piessis, because they are fantastic.


We first came across Piessis through Visantine Collective, a clothing line she co-founded (we profiled them in our “30 Under 30” issue) that’s now run solely by her co-founder Ivy Thompson. I also saw her work on display at Brooklyn Fireproof a few months back, and tried to ask the bartender who I’d talk to about buying some, before she said “Oh god, I don’t even KNOW” and retreated all the way to the other end of the bar. Admittedly, it was probably that person’s job to sell me booze, not art. Anyway, as it turns out, Piessis works in several different media (thread, stamps, graphic design…), arguably the most delightful of which is collage—she’s even got a 3D version kicking around. My favorites, though, are from this series of vintage photos of women hanging out on top of crystals. They represent everything I’d like my life to be, or at least, are very well-composed and cool-looking. She’s also been turning out a lot more of them lately, so if these land on a lot of other people’s lists of stuff they love sooner than later, we’ll be psyched, but not surprised.

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