Inside the Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack

02/05/2014 11:33 AM |

inside llewyn davis soundtrack

Inside Llewyn Davis may have gotten snubbed when it comes to Oscar nominations, getting ignored for both Best Picture and Best Actor, but nowhere was the snubbing clearer than in the lack of a nomination for Best Soundtrack. Ok, the Academy doesn’t actually give out an award for that, but the fact that there’s no way for our leading film-awarder to honor the movie’s music seems nutty: its songs aren’t Original Songs, and a bunch of old ditties don’t count as an Original Score. Yet its album’s worth of new recordings of old folk songs of varying degrees of obscurity is a gem. Heck, often even better are the versions of the songs by various folkies that inspired those in the film. Here’s a track-by-track look at what the producers, performers and filmmakers were trying to re-create.