Must Listen: Phantogram’s New Song “Bill Murray”

02/04/2014 5:17 PM |

For some reason, Phantogram isn’t as big as they should be. We’re guessing it’s because unlike most electronic outfits, the New York band has never been big about having a constant presence. They don’t put out a remix every other week and in the seven years they’ve been around, they’ve only released one full-length and a handful of EPs.


That’s changed lately and we’re enjoying their renewed presence in anticipation of their sophomore album, Voices. Phantogram has already shared a few choice cuts for our consumption. We were blown aw-ay-ay-ahh by the first single, “Black Out Days,” (watch below) and subsequent singles “Nothing But Trouble” and “Fall In Love” haven’t been too bad either.

But today they dropped another stunner, this one entitled “Bill Murray” and we really love it!

The track opens with a sweet guitar line before giving way to pulsating synths and simple percussion. Frontwoman Sarah Barthel delivers nothing but heartbreak and her soulful alto absolutely glows alongside slightly delayed backup vocals.

Well, all that’s nice, but why “Bill Murray?”

“We named it Bill Murray because we always pictured a sad Bill Murray for the visuals of that song,” Phantogram’s Josh Carter told The Atlantic in an email. “We want him to be in the music video.”

We want him to be in the music video, too! Remember when Beach House recruited Ray Wise for “Wishes?” This could be on that level so let’s make this happen, Internet!

Voices drops on February 18.