Brooklyn Tony Nominee: “I Kinda Feel Like Puking in My Mouth”

04/29/2014 11:51 AM |

Lauren Worsham, Tony Nominee for her Role in A Gentlemans Guide to Murder

  • Joanna McClure

Lauren Worsham was nominated this morning for a Best Featured Actress in a Musical Tony for her role in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. It was her Broadway debut; Worsham, a soprano, is also known for her work in the opera and classical worlds, singing with everyone from the Brooklyn Philharmonic to City Opera. (Just last night she “stole the show” at the New York Festival of Song gala, the publicist told us.) We talked with the Brooklyn resident about the news.

How do you feel right now?!
This whole thing feels very surreal. I kinda feel like puking in my mouth, just a little, and also doing a never-ending happy dance.


How do you find out you’ve been nominated for a Tony? Is it just by watching the announcement like everyone else?
I was asleep and my husband woke me up by saying, “You got one. You got nominated for a Tony.”

Do you think you’ll prepare a speech?
Hmmm… probably not. I cannot imagine winning. I’m just so overwhelmingly honored to be nominated.

Last time we spoke (in August 2012), you said, “we are three blocks away from the new Brooklyn Nets stadium, and that makes us a little nervous. We’ll see how the neighborhood changes when it opens.” Are you still there? Did the neighborhood change?
The neighborhood did start to change a bit with lots of new sports bars. Also the crowd changes significantly depending on who is playing Barclays. So, my husband and I moved last March to Prospect Heights/Crown Heights. We can see the stadium from our apartment, so that’s nice. It’s much prettier when you aren’t begrudging the traffic!

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