Sponsored: Miller Lite Shows Us How to Stay on Top This Summer

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04/11/2014 3:12 PM |


There are so many reasons why Brooklynites love the warmer weather. Bicycling on Bedford, crop tops, and trips to Coney Island, are just some of the many reasons why we love the summertime. But if there is one thing we both love rain or shine, it’s a nice cold beer. Whether we’re cracking open a brew on a warm summer day, or hitting up the local pub for they’re latest winter ale, there’s no denying that beer and Brooklyn go hand in hand. With innovation and authenticity being a well known trademark for our Brooklyn borough, we couldn’t help but get excited when Miller Lite announced their new campaign. To jumpstart the springtime, Miller Lite is here to tell you just how groundbreaking a Miller brewski can be.


In their fresh new video, the Miller campaign showcases an assortment of faces such as Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Graham Bell. In the video, these innovators have the helping hand of Miller Lite to lead them to their amazing discoveries. Besides leading to genius, Miller announces that their original can is back on the market for a limited time only. As one of the most popular light beers around, Brooklyn welcomes the old Miller back with great excitement! Feel like popping open a beer on Bedford this summer? Miller Lite is always a prime choice. With everything you Brooklynites love about the new and the old, Miller Lite is here to serve you.

This post is sponsored by Miller Lite.