Submit Today to Northside Festival’s Open Call for Artists!

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05/09/2014 4:15 PM |


Are you a Williamsburg Warhol, Greenpoint Goya, or some other BK-based alliterative that wants the opportunity to showcase their artwork for thousands of people? Then make sure to submit to Northside Festival’s open call for artists and performers to come and show during Williamsburg Walks!


Alongside our partners at Triskelion Arts, we’re building temporary wall units, interactive installations and public sculptures along with a grand assortment of unique performances and live graffiti. Wanna be part of an exhilarating experience? Here’s who we’re looking for!

Through May 12, we’re accepting proposals for the following:

1. Live painting, graffiti and collage 2. Interactive installations and workshops 3. Sculpture or stand-alone installations 4. Performance artists

Send your stuff on over to and share your work with over thousands of new fans!