The Under the Radar Restaurant Awards

10/22/2014 4:00 AM |

31. Brancaccio’s Food Shop

While not technically a restaurant, this Windy T eatery has a range of some of the most delicious food in the borough; from the freshly baked croissants and cheese danishes in the morning to the sweet and savory caponata to the excellent roast chicken, everything here is a winner.
Favorite Dish: Braised Pork Shoulder with Oranges
3011 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Windsor Terrace

32. Bocca Lupo

This Cobble Hill Italian is the epitome of a beloved neighborhood spot. It doesn’t get the accolades of its flashier neighbors, but maybe that’s OK, because it’ll stay under the radar. (Oops.)
Favorite Dish: Sizzling Shrimp Diavolo
391 Henry Street, Cobble Hill

33. Ten

Every neighborhood deserves a sushi spot like Ten. The fish is always ultra-fresh, and it’s as nice to dine in as to have delivered. But you really should dine in and sit at the sushi bar. You won’t regret it.
Favorite Dish: Sushi-Sashimi Dinner for One (it easily serves two)
440 7th Avenue, Park Slope

34. Barboncino

This candle-lit sophisticated spot on Franklin Avenue indisputably has the area’s best wood-fired pies. Order a glass of Peroni and get down on that Arugula Pizza or what’s probably damn near the saltiest, savoriest pie in the world: the Anchovy Pizza.
Favorite Dish: Arugula Pizza
781 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights

35. Ital Kitchen

This vegetarian eatery is less of a restaurant and more of Chef Ingrid’s living room, come relaxed (they insist: “We cook SLOW”) and plan to leave even more chilled after you feast on veggie jerk chicken or one of the homemade stews. Always leave room for dessert.
Favorite Dish: Veggie Jerk Chicken
1032 Union Street, Crown Heights

36. Lucky Luna

To call this place Mexican and Taiwanese “fusion” might be misleading, there’s nothing pretentious (or expensive) about this spot, yet the food is still spicy, complex, and innovative; the steamed duck buns are not to be missed, nor is the only vegan bowl of Pozole we’ve ever seen. Hit up the Chilaquiles if you find yourself there during brunch, and never, never forget to down at least one Michelada.
Favorite Dish: Pork Belly Bao
167 Nassau Avenue, Greenpoint

37. Rosewater

Applewood, Al Di La and Stone Park Café have all effectively pulled focus from this Mediterranean-inflected, farm-to-table Park Slope charmer. But at $26, the thoughtful, three-course market menus are a serious steal; currently featuring plum cobbler, roasted half Cornish hen and broccoli soup.
Favorite Dish: Market Menu
787 Union Street, Park Slope

38. Elza Fancy Food

Certainly one of the most unique restaurants in Brooklyn, the fare at Elza is equally influenced by Korean and Uzbek cuisine, resulting in dishes like kuksu; a lamb and noodle soup topped with colorful mounds of pickled cucumber, dill and cabbage, and fried chicken tabaka, which is smashed under a brick and finished with a sweet chili sauce. 

Favorite Dish: Kuksu
8611 19th Avenue, Bath Beach

39. Mike’s Coffee Shop

This neighborhood stalwart is much more than the greasy spoon The Notorious B.I.G. once frequented: It’s a cozy, local spot with diner food done just right and the weekend regulars to prove it.
Favorite Dish: Eggs and Grits
328 DeKalb Avenue, Clinton Hill