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Put A Bar In It: The Many Brooklyn Businesses Now Serving Booze

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  • Cobra Club

Cobra Club

Another recent addition to the business-with-a-bar scene, Bushwick's Cobra Club is the only yoga studio we know of that also includes a bar.

The idea has been met with a bit of skepticism (some of it from us), but their mission statement makes a pretty convincing case: "We reject the idea that in order to live full and happy lives we must abstain from all vices, detach from the world and become saint-like. We embrace our vices for the value they bring to our lives."

Plus, co-owner Nikki Koch points out, it makes things much easier to meet people or just hang out after a class when the bar's already right there, and "everything is better after yoga... when you leave that yoga class its really the best version of yourself."

Whether you're trying to get laid or just really relax (not that they're in any way mutually exclusive), this is a pretty ingenious way to do it.

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