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Smorgasburg Smackdown: How to Choose Between Competing Vendors

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BBQ: Mighty Quinn’s v. Baby Got Back Ribs

Their Pitch:

Mighty Quinn’s: “Our popularity is based on total dumb luck. Ok, honestly it’s that we take the time to cook things with wood, and at the end of the day, we make honest food and use really good ingredients

Baby Got Back: “Smorgasburg is not just about the food (and ours is excellent — heritage pork, six hours cooked and guaranteed to fall of the bone or your money back), it’s about personality. That’s what makes us a crowd favorite around here. And if you can name 18 of the spices in our 21-spice rub, we’ll feed you free for the rest of your life.”

The Winner: Baby Got Back Ribs

Long lines are usually a reliable indicator of a quality product, and the daunting crush of customers huddled in front of Mighty Quinn’s fragrant smoker is one of the largest in the lot. Unfortunately, long lines in 87 degree heat can also make for hungry, cranky food writers, and we’d gladly find solace at the front of Baby’s shaded stand any day of the week. The company is great and the generous tower of saucy ‘cue is better, sided with apple slaw, cornbread, and a refreshing glass of almost-sweet tea.

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